LoyaltyMD™ provides the capabilities needed to achieve health system objectives relating to customer loyalty and patient engagement. With goal-based tiers, relevant rewards and special perks, patients will rely on your system and provider network to keep them on a healthy path.

•Engage patients and increase Customer Lifetime Value

•Grow target services profitably

•Influence venue of care

•Gain insights into your most valuable customers

•Engage the right audiences

•Influence the right behaviors

•Create brand advocates

•Neutralize your competition


LoyaltyMD™ is an all-inclusive solution that starts with designing a tailored program to achieve your customer acquisition and retention objectives. Our comprehensive solution offers:

•Member mobile app & web portal

•Loyalty program management

•Campaign design and management

•Patient engagement tools

•Patient tiers/segmentation

•Customizable rewards & perks management

•World-class customer care & order fulfillment

•Loyalty insights/business intelligence



Did you know...

•The Customer Lifetime Value in healthcare is $1.4M per family

•It costs 5-25X the expense to acquire a new customer vs. retain an existing customer

•A 5% increase in loyalty translates into a 25-100% increase in profit