End²End™ Patient Journey Manager – Press Release

Award-Winning End²End™ Solution Manages Patient Journeys To Improve Outcomes And Experiences

Customer Evolution's End²End™ solution delivers the “connected care journey” by providing HIPAA-compliant deep journey management with unparalleled power and flexibility.

End²End™, a breakthrough patient journey management solution, addresses critical health system needs to improve care outcomes and patient experiences. Through the End²End™ solution, health systems are able to leverage four powerful modules which target strategic journeys and audiences in key areas:

1.     Access Manager enhances engagement through robust conversion, scheduling and pre-arrival management.

2.     Journey Manager supports post-encounter and population health initiatives using dynamic, connected care journeys such as expectant mom, bariatric and chronic care.

3.     Loyalty Manager improves retention and grows share through sophisticated patient incentive programs.

4.     Referral Manager increases physician referrals while improving the experience for providers and patients.

Each module can be operated separately or in combination depending on each health system’s unique care and business objectives. In every case, the solution comes with full-service support to keep the burden off already-busy healthcare teams.

“Our goal is to help health systems achieve consumer-grade experiences and improved care outcomes,” explains Sue Butler, Executive Vice President, Client Success. “End²End™ leverages technologies and methods long-proven outside of healthcare to address the critical need to streamline care navigation and enhance patient engagement.”

Many health systems have recognized the value of journey mapping in order to understand the current experience of patients. End²End™ takes a giant leap forward to allow health systems to actively manage full patient journeys across all channels. Targeting signature Moments of Truth for strategic journeys and audiences, health systems are now equipped to streamline navigation of a complex health system within a single encounter, across multiple encounters, during chronic care and for ongoing population health care needs.

“Our strategic work with many healthcare leaders has provided Customer Evolution unique insight into the challenges faced by health systems,” said Rich Phillips, CEO. “We believe it is imperative to address both mission and margin in order for health systems to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Our experience and expertise implementing engagement and journey management solutions in consumer industries has guided our vision with End²End™.”

About Customer Evolution

Customer Evolution is an award-winning solutions and services innovator. With a rich heritage of providing engagement, journey and experience management solutions for respected healthcare and consumer brands, the Customer Evolution team has helped transform the consumer-patient journey from access through retention in order to improve care outcomes and patient experiences.