Healthcare Consulting Services


Increased market competition and the emerging emphasis by healthcare CEOs to improve patient retention and loyalty underscores the urgent need for healthcare marketers to adopt principles and practices long employed by other consumer markets.   Based on industry knowledge that it can cost 5-25 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one and the majority of profit is generated from only a fraction of your customer base, it is critical that health systems tune their marketing engines.

Customer Evolution’s MarketMAX offering positions health systems to leverage past investments and integrate new, proven tactics to deliver unparalleled results.  Focusing on Customer Lifetime Value (one of the most important principles of retention and loyalty), healthcare marketers and strategists can advance their focus from basic customer acquisition activities to true customer loyalty and retention.

Get started maximizing your market potential with one or more of our MarketMAX offerings:

  • CLV Analysis
  • Retention Consulting
  • Downstream Revenue Analysis
  • CRM Performance Optimization
  • ROI Measurements/Dashboards
  • Customer Roadmap
  • Customer Segmentation

Digital Strategy & Roadmap

Engagement of the digital consumer requires a command of omni-channel platforms, EMR integration, marketing automation, customer database (CRM) and mobile apps. Our team brings years of experience working with industry leading brands both inside and outside of healthcare to plan, design and orchestrate your entire digital platform architecture and operating model. We also work with you to establish a system-aligned roadmap which optimizes marketing investments over time based on needs, opportunities and gaps.

Retention Marketing Design

Health systems understand the need to shift from transactional encounters to life-long relationships, but it's not easy.

To reach trusted partnership status with your patient population, providers must understand individual patient needs, extend assistance outside of the clinical setting and reward individuals for the right behaviors - at the right time.

It is equally important to promote not just services the health system desires but extend to also promote services the patient needs. This engages patients at a lifestyle level, and increases share of family healthcare spend.

Our Retention Marketing Design services supplement traditional acquisition design to maximize patient marketing efforts around customer needs, maximizing customer lifetime value and developing a deeper, stickier relationship.


Digital Funnel & ROI

Nearly every health system has begun the journey of investing in digital marketing capabilities. The challenge is that the fractured myriad of solutions which must be implemented across channels results in a near inability to produce a true ROI story on marketing spend.

Customer Evolution has developed a method for producing a true Marketing Performance scorecard and method which provides specific ROI measurement across channels and personas, answering the all-important CEO and CFO question of "what are we getting for our marketing budget investments?".

CRM Selection & Implementation

From platform selection and implementation to solution configuration and optimization, Customer Evolution brings considerable depth of experience and expertise spanning consumer and healthcare markets.

Our team has led countless successful selection and implementation efforts, working closely with our client teams to transfer knowledge and operational domain expertise.