iShine™ for Health Plans

While there are many types of wellness platforms available in the marketplace, iShine surpasses these basic, dated solutions with a HIPAA-compliant, comprehensive suite of participant features and management services. 

For program participants, our client-branded app & website drives desired wellness results by providing:

  • Valuable content (news, recipes, symptom checkers, care tips, etc.)
  • Rewards for desired behaviors (earn points to receive engaging awards)
  • Perks for reaching certain engagement tiers/levels (free classes, VIP event access, etc.)
  • Easy access to your services, support teams and health navigators
  • And much more

Here is what we know:

  • The average consumer is very busy and looking for easy, one-stop access to health-related information & services.

That’s why we have developed a simple, high-value platform that incorporates a multitude of services, information sources and is easy to access.

  • Simply getting into shape or the promise of future health benefits isn't enough incentive for most of us to engage in wellness programs.

That’s where rewards and perks come in.  Just like airlines and hotels have influenced our buying decisions with points and perks, our iShine platform rewards members for the right behaviors and supports a tiered program for earning special perks along the way.  Our participant-facing value equation is simple.   The more a participant accesses the platform, the more likely a participant will make the right decisions.  The right decisions are rewarded with engaging awards and perks. 

For health plans, we understand the importance of program insights, on-going management and measurable results.  Our platform comes complete with:

  • Management Dashboard as well as standardized and adhoc reporting capabilities
  • Administration access to manage program rules and attributes
  • And most importantly... A full-service team of professionals to assist you with program innovation, analytics, management, communications and other campaign needs. We are focused on your success and your program's performance - every day!
  • Would you be interested in simplifying the management and reporting of your programs?

Contact us to learn more about our secure, HIPAA-compliant iShine suite!