iShine™ for Employers

Our iShine Recognition And Wellness Suite will transform your most valued assets (your employees) into an engaged, happy, healthy and productive workforce. 

iShine will help you:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Recognize and promote outstanding performance
  • Reward for healthy behaviors

For decades, employers have attempted to implement recognition programs, wellness programs, idea submission vehicles – you name it.  Not to mention all of the giveaways, VIP parking spaces, baseball tickets, recognition events and on and on…..

The truth is these programs and incentives can work but when they are segregated programs with siloed messaging, employees find themselves confused or too disconnected to really care.

For a quick moment, put yourself in your employees' shoes...

  • Would you be interested in a single program where you could earn points and perks across the board (enterprise-wide)?
  • Would you prefer to "pool" all of your recognition and reward points to get better rewards and perks?
  • Would you enjoy a single portal to access and track your progress, points and perks?

Now, putting yourself back into your current role...

  • Would you be interested in achieving better results from your programs?
  • Would you be interested in reducing program costs?
  • Would you be interested in simplifying the management and reporting of your programs?

Just think about the possibilities for you and your employees:

  • Engage with and effectively manage many different point types (recognition, wellness, safety, innovation, cost savings, anniversaries, you name it!)
  • Offer a wide selection of rewards and perks to incent desired behaviors and outcomes
  • Share valuable content, run campaigns, introduce games, publish leaderboards, promote employee referrals, and more...

Contact us to learn about our secure, HIPAA-compliant iShine employee recognition and wellness suite!