Why just journey map when you can journey manage?

The End²End™ solution has been built from the ground up using best-in-class technologies long proven in consumer markets.   We then wrap the entire engine in a robust HIPAA environment to produce the first health system journey management service in the industry.  For the techies out there, we employ API gateways, mobile app frameworks, sophisticated messaging and advanced data visualization to make it all work seamlessly and securely.

Customer Evolution’s End²End™ solution creates the “Connected Care Journey” through an unparalleled comprehensive array of options and aims to:

Increase Revenue
Increase revenue by better capturing related care needs and by orchestrating a better patient experience.
Decrease Costs
Decrease costs by streamlining processes and reducing low-value manual intervention, particularly for complex journeys. Influence venue of care selection by guiding patients to the optimum care delivery choice.
Improve Outcomes
Improve outcomes by managing care compliance and alerting patients and care staff when key patient steps are not followed. Gain important visibility into customer journeys to foster improvements in care support.
Enhance Experiences
Enhance patient experiences by guiding patients through their complex journeys spanning single encounters, complex multi-encounters and chronic care needs.

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Example Use Cases

Our End²End™ solution allows health systems to provide streamlined patient navigation through often complex journeys:


Can I build my own journeys with specific requirements?

Yes! The End²End™ service is configurable to meet any journey management needs, allowing health systems to match the target journey to nearly any form of desired journey map.

Is this solution DIY?

Nope! Customer Evolution’s End²End™ service comes with “full service” support.  Through our proven framework and methodology, we conduct journey mapping exercises, configure our innovative platform to manage journeys –without disruption to your IT--, produce patient communication and reminders through the appropriate channel – web, mobile, text, email, fax and generate comprehensive management reports providing valuable insight into volumes, journey flows and other relevant information.  Simple implementation. Effective solutions. Measurable impact.

Do you need to integrate to the health system EMR?

We can, but it’s not required! We have simplified integration to health system EMR platforms, but we can also operate on a stand-alone basis where preferred.