Patient Journey Management Platform

Healthcare systems are often complex and can be difficult for patients to navigate. Customer Evolution provides a Patient Journey Management Platform so that you can help your patients improve their health and have a better experience with your healthcare system.

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Our platform creates patient-centered and provider-aligned journey management, which activates patient engagement. We work to improve process visibility and better align department and overall organization goals.


We carefully design extensive patient journey maps with custom rule-based triggers. These triggers are tied to real-time notifications that help guide the patient through healthcare events and decisions.


Providers can invite one or many patients to targeted journeys while patients may elect to join a specific wellness journey on their own. No matter which method a patient uses to join, our platform manages patient and provider tasks through proven engagement methods.


We center our Patient Journey Management Platform on empowering patients with timely communication. Our focus is on crafting a journey that inspires action to improve outcomes. We design patient journeys to help improve patient behavior in an incentivized way.


An integral part of any successful patient journey is the ability to provide timely and relevant information to the patient and provider. Our platform utilizes a robust content library system that complements our direct patient-to-provider messaging.


Like all tasks in our lives, we tend to complete those that we are rewarded for. Our Patient Journey Management Platform recognizes this and makes use of a rules-based reward engine to offer point-based earning opportunities, perks and privileges and the ability to redeem for merchandise.

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Our Patient Journey Management Platform helps increase revenue and decrease costs. We work with you to streamline processes for your patients to deliver the ideal experience with your health system.

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