3 Reasons the Modern Medical Mom Is Important


The modern mother of today differs in many ways from her counterpart from years gone by. As just one example, mothers today approach and deal with healthcare for themselves and their family very differently. In fact, a new term, “modern medical mom” has been coined to describe the growing role of modern moms. Here are three ways the modern medical mom is different when it comes to healthcare.

She Utilizes the Internet and Electronic Devices

Only a few million people used the internet in 1995, but this year the number of users has exploded to over 4.3 billion. Moms today not only have access to digital content sources on multiple devices, they utilize them daily.

The ability to use technology changes how they communicate with others and access information for work, personal reasons, and entertainment. Technology also influences the way they manage healthcare.

Digital platforms allow moms to search for doctors as well as other healthcare providers, find reputable referrals, research health concerns, and make informed health decisions for themselves and their family. Ease of access increases when she can do so whenever she wants - at home, at work, or on the go.

Her own mother was limited in how she conducted similar practices. Research and referrals happened in the library or face to face with other people like doctors, nurses, or friends. As a result, some healthcare issues could not be resolved quickly or with the best possible outcome. Undoubtedly, use of the internet and mobile devices are a way to reach modern medical mothers and influence everyday healthcare decisions.

She Works, She is Educated and She Makes Decisions

Women have increased their presence dramatically in the work place as nearly 47% of U.S. workers are women. An astonishing 70% of mothers with children claim a place in the work force. In fact, mothers are the primary income earner in 40% of households. These statistics highlight the fact that a growing percentage of modern moms work and make a substantial financial contribution to her household.

Women are also becoming more educated.  In fact, over 40% of working women now boast a college degree, compared to a mere 11% in 1970.

These are just two of the many attributes of today’s mom that ultimately place her in a key position to make decisions about her and her family’s wellness.  Many of these decisions revolve around healthcare options like vaccinations, fertility, contraception, and treatment plans for serious diseases.

With the continuing trend for busy mothers to manage healthcare decisions, the importance of providing consistently relevant, educational information to the modern medical mom is paramount.

 She Takes Care of Aging Relatives

Today, a modern mom’s influence over healthcare has also expanded.  She not only takes care of herself and her own children, but is also likely to provide care support for her own aging parents or other relatives. A rise in the number of seniors and a shrinking number of available caregivers has spurned this growing phenomenon. More and more family homes now include a guest room or a separate suite dedicated to their aging family members.

As the traditional family is changing into a more multi-generational one, modern medical moms are taking over the care of aging relatives and playing a lead role in making important healthcare decisions for those loved ones. Modern medical moms are facing common geriatric concerns as well as complex treatment plans as they care for aging relatives.  These moms are better equipping themselves with the right information and resources.

About the Author:  Sue Butler is the EVP, Client Success and co-founder of Customer Evolution, focused on advancing the consumerization of healthcare for a transformative health experience. With an extensive background in consumer-facing innovation that spans process improvement, experience management and product development, Sue has worked with clients in the fields of healthcare, insurance, financial services, technology services and hospitality.

About Customer Evolution: The Customer Evolution team is committed to helping health systems engage modern medical moms and digitally savvy patients in new, innovative ways. End²End™ was borne from our years of helping shape customer experiences and influence behavior outside of healthcare.  Our heritage serving world-class organizations such as Hilton, American Express, Chase, Wells Fargo and others cultivated a deep understanding of the proven methods which consistently deliver on the goals of experience and outcomes.  We combined this with the deep knowledge we have gained serving Tampa General, Henry Ford, Humana, Florida Blue and many more respected health institutions.  The result is a platform specifically designed to solving the journey management challenges facing health systems today. Learn more at www.customer-evolution.com.

Sue Butler